Friday, November 18, 2011

I am grateful for time.

I am grateful for time. Yeah, I know that sounds really broad and weird, but let me try to explain. Time is a wonderful thing. Everyone gets to have a different amount of time some get over a hundred years while others maybe get a few minutes. Now, what do we do with that time that we are given? Do we focus solely on ourselves or do we use it to help others? I've been thinking about the time that I have and how I use it. I'll be honest, I waste so much time. I easily get distracted and there goes an hour or two that I could have been using in a much better way. That is a major weakness of mine. I am going to challenge myself starting today to keep a record of how I use my time. I need to be more responsible for what I do with my time because I don't know just how much I will end up having and so I should use it more wisely than I have been lately. I am going to show my gratitude for time by using it in a more productive way!

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