Saturday, November 5, 2011

I am grateful for a book.

I am grateful for the Book of Mormon. It is a book of scripture and works with the Bible to teach us about Jesus Christ's mission. It is a book that the spirit flows out of the words. You can learn so much about the purpose of our lives here on the earth. It gives me direction and strength to do what I know is right in spite of all the opposition around me. It's helping bring me closer to Jonathan as we read it. We each share our different insights about what we have read. I love this book and the people that sacrificed so much so that I can read it. We live in a marvelous time. When the Book of Mormon was first printed, there were only 5,000 copies in one language, English. Now the book is available in 107 languages and over 3 million copies are printed each year. I also now have the scriptures on my phone. I am never without them and that is such a wonderful blessing. I added a video about one man's experience with the Book of Mormon and how it has changed his life.

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