Friday, November 25, 2011

I am grateful for our first married Thanksgiving!

So, it didn't turn out at all the way we planned, but it was still ok. We really figured it would be like last year, but that didn't happen at all.

In the Nelson family, the girls bake pies on Wednesday. It was so much fun doing that last year, so I was really looking forward to it for the whole month. So of course, I get a cold this week. You see, Jonathan's brother Adam has cancer and is on chemo, so his body cannot handle being sick right now. I am super paranoid that I'll get him sick, so I'm not going over there until I feel a lot better. That means no pie baking for BJ. Lame!

This year we also planned on doing the opposite of last year so we would have dinner with the Nelson's and dessert with the Patterson's. Well that didn't turn out either. Jonathan was sick for a couple of days before Thanksgiving too and was trying so hard to get healthy in time for Thanksgiving so we could spend the day with both families. But that didn't happen. His worse day was Thanksgiving. We were just going to stay home, but then he got a horrible headache and we had no medicine to help with the pain. So, we ended up going to my parent's house to get medicine and food. As we were driving, Jonathan told me that this was his worst Thanksgiving ever. (Though he did remember a worse one.) That made me really sad, but it didn't really surprise me. His family loves Thanksgiving and this year has been a really tough year for pretty much everyone so we are all extra grateful for our blessings.

So we got to my parent's house and I immediately sent Jonathan upstairs to lay down. He ended up sleeping for 4 hours in spite of the insanity going on in the rest of the house with my brood of 5 nephews and a sleepy little niece. He then got his own little Thanksgiving dinner at 9, and I was sure glad to see him up and eating.

So this year was our very unusual Thanksgiving day. I am still grateful though. Sure, we didn't have the perfectly planned Thanksgiving we wanted, but I think we have something so much better. We will now always remember our first Thanksgiving as the time when Jonathan was sick and I was there to take care of him. I think that will be so much better than anything we could have ever planned.

Garrett finally likes Chris!
Grandpa with most of his great-grandkids.
Some of the madness Jonathan slept through.

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  1. I love the photos of our big noisy family!!!


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