Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am grateful for a little girl.

I am grateful for my niece Mercedes. I honestly never thought I was going to have a niece because of all the little boys in my family, but thanks to Jonathan I got my first niece. She is just adorable, sweet, and such a girl. She's incredibly quiet and then let's out high pitched skwills of joy! At first, I wasn't very comfortable around just because I'm used to little boys and their style of play. Mercedes hugs just about anything you tell her to and she loves her stuffed bunny. Lately though we have started to really get along and play together. She really has prepared me for Lyla and Chris and Annie's little girl. At one of the last Nelson family gatherings, I was sitting next to Mercedes and after awhile she decided her plate was a really fun toy to hide behind. So, I decided to follow her example and hide behind my plate too. She thought that was just the funniest thing ever! I just love playing with little kids and making them laugh. They are so wonderful!

Our first picture together as Aunt and niece!

She's too cute!

1 comment:

  1. Heavens, I cannot even handle how darling our little niece is!! I completely agree with all of the above!! :) P.S. you look GORGEOUS in that picture!


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