Monday, November 26, 2012

I Am Grateful for Our Fun Family Trips

I am grateful for the family trips we were able to do this year.
In January, we went to Disneyland and the ocean with the Nelson family.

Taking over Tomorrowland!

In March, I went to Tahoe with some of the Nelsons.

My awesome wipeout!

In June, we went up to Idaho with all 17 Pattersons. (I still can't believe my family is that big!)

17 Pattersons and counting!
The wonderful farm we played at.
We saw lots of buffalo.
We split this burger with 4 people. That would not fit in my stomach.
In September, we went back to Disneyland with my siblings and their boys. (Next time the little girls will come too!)

The gang of Patterson boys.
Group picture #1
Group picture #2
I am grateful that we were able to get away from everyday life and spend time with our families.

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