Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Am Grateful for a Superhero

I am so grateful for my favorite superhero. Now most people would disagree with me, but trust me he really is a superhero. He rescues me from my greatest fears and can defeat any adversary in his path.

My favorite superhero is my husband.

Mild-mannered salesman by day, crime fighting superhero by night!
This man is truly amazing! He is my last minute substitute teacher for my Sunday School class without complaint. He makes sure that I have everything I need when I'm running late for school. He goes to the store on Thanksgiving night to get my medicine. He stays up late talking to me. He works full-time and goes to school. He makes the best quesadillas. He (sometimes) remembers to take out the garbage. He is the sweetest uncle to our nieces and nephews. He is my best friend.

I sometimes wonder how I got such a wonderful husband. He loves me so much and does so much for me that I regularly feel like I'm living in a fairy tale. I am so grateful for the hardworking man that I married.

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