Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Am Grateful for Institute

I am so grateful for Institute.

I am grateful for all of the wonderful people there.

Us and Brother Watkins right after Jonathan proposed at the end of our Institute class.

I love Brother Watkins. He is one of the most sweet, thoughtful man I have ever known. He takes a genuine interest in everyone he meets. The lessons he prepares, oh man are they amazing! I took a Pearl of Great Price class before I went to the temple and he would tell us to write down certain symbols because they correlated with the temple. After I went through the temple, I looked at my notes and I understood what he was showing us in the scriptures. It was so cool!

I also love Sister Harte. She is the secretary and she is another wonderful person to spend time with. I keep her updated on Chris and the rest of my family. Though lately, we talked a lot about the Giants. On Wednesday, Sister Harte came into the study room and asked me if I wanted the commemorative section in the paper about the Giants winning the World Series. That was so thoughtful and sweet of her to give it to me. I just love how wonderful she is!

Institute has been such a blessing in my life. It's helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the scriptures and how they apply to me thousands of years after they were written. I am so grateful for Institute and I am grateful that even though I graduated a few years ago, that I still can go to class.

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