Friday, November 2, 2012

I Am Grateful for Changing Seasons

I love how much the earth changes from month to month and season to season. Everything is bright green and blooming in the spring after a cold winter. We enjoy fruits and large shady trees in the summer. Now we can enjoy crunchy, colorful leaves and crisp, cool mornings.

 This year, I haven't been looking forward to the change to fall because I get cold so easily. (I even use blankets in the summer time.) This past week or so, I've been changing my tune. I've focused on how the scenery and sky has changed. We've had huge, puffy clouds fill the sky and trees that look like they are on fire.

 I sometimes find myself focused more on getting to various places rather than enjoying the scenery from my window. I focus on how pretty other places are compared to where I live right now. I'm working on being grateful for the beauty of where I live.

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