Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm Grateful For My Weekly Playdate

I am grateful for my Friday afternoons. After work, I get to go and play at the park with my sweet niece Mercedes. Here are some pictures of the things we do at the park.

We walk up and down a dirt hill, collect lots of rocks and sticks, splash in puddles, and go "up high".
We wear our winter coats as we hang upside down.
We make silly faces.

We go down the twisty slide.
We throw dirt like it's confetti.
We each take turns pushing the stroller.
We peek into the neighbor's backyard.
We sing and play songs as we walk hand in hand.

We race down the slides together.
We carefully put the bark through the hole.
We even ride sidesaddle.

We get in screaming contests with little boys.
We find old glowsticks.

We climb up slides.
We wear pretty shoes.
We climb around.
It has been so much fun to spend some one on one time with Mercedes. I am so grateful that Taylor and Kenzie live in Roseville so I can have this special time every week with Mercedes. I can't wait for this little girl (and her mom) to come back from Utah!

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