Thursday, July 5, 2012

To the Cabin!

After spending the weekend at the farm, we packed up again and headed up to a wonderful cabin near Yellowstone. Before we could leave, we still had a few things to do:

 Ride the motorcycles!

Play some ping pong!

Go fishing and canoeing!

Then we packed up the cars and headed out.

Our first stop was Burton Cemetery in Rexburg. This is where my great-grandma and grandpa Machen and great-uncle Lee are buried. Chris found them when he went to the cemetery with Annie's family a few years ago.

We all got back into our cars and stopped off along side the road to see the view of the Tetons.

The light blue bumps under the clouds are the Tetons.

Tyler loved all of the caterpillars.

Our next stop was the Mesa Falls.

It was so green and lush on the other side of the river,
Our final stop was our cabin! The boys some how instinctively knew to go downstairs to have a big pillow fight so the parents wouldn't catch them. They were all so happy to be out of the cars.

After the pillow fight was over, they decided to jump on the beds. Tyler and Kyle liked jumping from bed to bed, while Seth was happy just to jump up and down on one bed.

The rest of the day was really slow paced and nice.

Jonathan had some one on one time with Clara.

We love cousins!

Jonathan and Seth took a nice long nap together again.

Tyler and Chris did some horsing around.

The little boys played with their cars.

After most of the kids went to bed, the big boys planned out our day at Yellowstone.

The best dessert EVER! Instead of a s'more with graham crackers and Hersey's chocolate,
we had them in an ice cream cone with See's chocolates!

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