Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Am Truly Blessed

Lately, I've been feeling so blessed for a decision I made almost two years ago. I honestly feel like I have married the perfect man for me. 

A few weeks ago, I wasn't feeling good and so I had a lazy day with Jonathan. We had a Harry Potter movie marathon. I kept telling him that 13 year old BJ was swooning (yes, I've loved Harry Potter since I was in elementary school and I still love it). Now I am on a Harry Potter kick. I started reading the 5th book. Jonathan read a chapter to me. It was wonderful. 

Jonathan never read the books,
so I will let him read them to our children. 
He will love it.

Sometimes (or most of the time) as we get ready for bed, I get an added boost of energy. It usually leads to a tickle fight and lots of laughing. I think it happens because I just get so excited that we don't have to say good bye every night like we did before we were married.

Jonathan and I are so similar. It is a wonderful thing. It's uncanny with just how much we think alike. There are many times when we predict what the other will say. I've been doing it for awhile now, but lately Jonathan's been doing it more (sometimes it's creepy, but that's to be expected).

Something I've always loved about Jonathan (even before we dated) is how easy it is to talk to him about anything and everything. Our first date was about 15 minutes of eating ice cream and 2 hours of talking.

I am so grateful for my sweet Jonathan. He takes such good care of me and makes me feel so loved. I am so grateful that I get to have eternity with him. It will be so fun!

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  1. Wow! I love my wife. I don't have words to describe how much I love her! (This is BJ's husband, by the way.)


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