Friday, July 20, 2012

Garrett and Beebee!

I love spending time with Garrett. He is such a little goofball! I can tell that likes spending time with me too because he gets a sly little smile on his face (unless he just woke up from a nap). He started calling me Bee Day a month or two ago (j is a hard sound to make) but it's evolved into Beebee. (It's rather confusing since he thinks that anything that flies is a bee and yells it so everyone can hear.)

Anyways, we love spending time together. Playing with trucks, trains, rocks, or little apricots that fell off the tree, we can have fun. There are times when I prefer the company of child more than adults. Here are some pictures of us playing around.

We were watching Cars and Garrett got excited when Lighting McQueen's tire popped. He had to act it out!

Yes, Garrett still thinks the only purpose of my existence is to play with him.

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