Friday, July 13, 2012

A Photo Shoot of the Girls

After Hannah finished up our Patterson family photo shoot, she turned her focus to our two little girls. The girls were adorable and Hannah did an amazing job of capturing them (which is normal for her)!

First up was Lyla girl!

I just love her cute face, especially when she sticks out that lower lip! 

Let's not forget those chubby little legs!
Sweet Clara's turn was next!

Clara was in such a happy and playful mood! 

She is such a beautiful little girl!
The two girls took a few pictures together too. We tried propping them up, but they kept falling down.

Clara loves Lyla!

I love the look in their eyes.
I feel so blessed to have two sweet little nieces and they are so blessed to have each other!
Little girls are so precious!

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