Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Tyster!

I love they way Tyler thinks. He says and does some of the funniest things. While we were on our trip, Ty did some funny things and here are a couple for your enjoyment!

One night while we were still at the farm, Tyler was noisey while getting ready for bed. Amy told him he needed to be quiet because we were right above Lyla's room and she didn't want her to wake up. So, Tyler looked like he was about to stomp on the floor, but instead crouched down and whispered through the floor, "Go to sleep now Lyla." Then he got up and finished getting ready for bed.

Tyler has always loved babies and so after hugging Clara, I asked him why he liked babies so much. He told me, "Because they are cute." I asked him what makes them cute. He said "Because they lick me." So I asked him if I would be cute if I licked him. He said "No, because you're already cute." I told Jonathan that he better watch out because Ty is going to steal my heart just like he did when he was a baby!

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