Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Long Day of Playing!

After the crazy drive, we pulled into Idaho Falls around 7 in the morning. 

Chris and Annie's cute little house.
We were greeted by Seth, Annie, Chris, and sweet baby Clara. I'm not sure who was the most excited for us to be there: Seth, Chris, or Mom! (Chris had been awake for hours and was pacing back and forth and my mom heard every step he took.) We spent a little bit of time there until we headed up to the farm, our home for the weekend.

This is the view from our room.
Jonathan and I were so tired from driving, that we took a long nap. I woke up a few times but couldn't do it until I had a dream that I was outside with the family. I knew it was time to get up and start playing!

While we were napping, both Ryan and Tyler each caught a fish! This was their first time fishing and they did a great job!

Ry's fish in his face, Ty & Chris with his fish, Seth & his Uncle Wes sitting while fishing, and Kyle & Andy fishing.
Here are a couple of videos of Tyler catching his fish.

My favorite part of this one is how he wipes his hand on his shirt after giving Chris a high-five. 

I love Ty running into the fishing line at the end of this one.

Side Story: For Father's Day, Chris refinished Grandpa Patterson's old canoe that we grew up with. It is GORGEOUS!!! Anyways, Chris and Dad decided that they needed to flip it over in the pond.

The water looks nice, but it was FREEZING!
Ryan and Tyler thought that they would swim too, but it was too cold for them. Dad tried to help Ty into the water, while Ryan took off in the canoe.

Ryan decided that he wanted to take the row boat for a spin, and Dad and Ty took over the canoe. As they got closer to the row boat, Ty wanted to jump ship to join Ryan. Dad was holding the row boat for Ty, but they were still drifting. Tyler yelled, "STOP MOVING!!!", but there's little you can do on the water. Eventually, Ty made it safely on to the row boat, but Ry was tired of rowing. Lucky for him, his grandpa is nice enough to tow him around.

After swimming, we played kickball in front of the house. This was Ryan's first time ever playing kickball and he's in 2nd grade! We all had a blast! Ry did great, Ty said he hated it so he didn't play too much with us, Kyle would kick the ball and then watch it roll, and Seth ended up stealing second base (the basketball) and practiced kicking it around the infield.

The chair was first base and the basketball was 2nd.
After we were all tired from playing kickball, Farmer Wayne (Annie's dad) saddled up old Pat and gave us rides around the pond.

Wayne insisted that the "newly weds" take a ride on the horse together. (I secretly loved being called the newly weds!) I started joking that Pat is our honeymoon stallion. Of course, since I was on the horse I didn't take any pictures, but it was a fun ride together!

Seth and baby Lyla
We also spent some time relaxing in the shade before heading back into town to have a family barbecue celebrating the reason we all went to Idaho for, baby Clara!

Seth and Kyle happily played on the teeter-totter together.

Ty loves his babies!! Seth was perfectly content sitting in the doorway to the house. He also drank half of the punch.

Lots of good food and talking!

Garrett and his parents made it in time to do more playing!
Jonathan thought it was nap time, but we still had more to do!
We headed back to the farm and Dad took Mike and Garrett out on the canoe.

Once they were done canoeing, Jonathan & Mike did some fishing. It took some time, but each of them caught a fish!

Mike caught a golden trout!
A beautiful sunset to end the day!

Jonathan and Lyla girl!
We had such a fun day! The whole family was finally reunited. It was so wonderful to have everyone together and (mostly) getting along. This was just the beginning to all of our fun. There is still so much more to share!

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