Monday, June 11, 2012

Miss Mercedes!

Mercedes is such a little character.

She knows exactly what and she likes. I am lucky enough to be a new addition to that list. Last week on Jonathan's day off, we went over to his parent's house. Jonathan was busy fixing the computer while I was spending time with Mercedes. We were sitting next to each other on the stools and after a while, she leaned over and wanted to sit on my lap! I was shocked that she wanted to sit with me! (It never happens when Kenzie is around!)

 A little while later, I was making sandwiches for Jonathan and me as Mercedes was eating her noodles. We were being silly and laughing. I took lunch up to Jonathan and stayed up there with him. After a few minutes, we could hear little footsteps coming up the stairs. Mercedes slowly creeped into the room and wanted to be with me! Jonathan was also excited because Mercedes willingly entered into the same room he was in. It is so great that Mercedes is really starting to like us without even bribing her!

Last night, we were over for dinner. At one point, it was just Jonathan, Mercedes, and me in the family room. Mercedes was sitting in Grandpa's chair and I decided to sit in a chair across from her. When she was looking away, I slowly walked towards her acting like I was going to tickle her and then would run back to my chair when she would look at me. After doing that a few times, I went ahead and tickled her. She was cracking up! Then she started doing the same thing to me! She even tickled me a couple of times. She is such a funny little girl!

By the end of summer, we should all be friends!

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