Friday, June 22, 2012

A Father's Day Project

Idaho was GREAT! I'm still getting all of the pictures organized, but I will soon be sharing all that we did.

Since Jonathan and I knew we were going to be in Idaho for Father's Day, we decided to take care of his dad a week early. For awhile now, Dad has been trying to organize all of the bikes in the backyard. Thanks to pinterest, I found a few different plans for bike racks. I showed them to Jonathan and we decided on the best looking one.

Jonathan was busy fixing Dad's computer, so I took over building the bike rack.

Yeah, we were those people...
It looked like I was covered in dandruff!
All the cutting was done.
Assembling the frame took a lot longer than I anticipated, but it got done! During the final steps, I needed Jonathan's muscles to get the pipes to fit.

The final product!
It fits perfectly in the backyard and the bikes are now organized!

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