Saturday, June 9, 2012

Getting Things Done!

The first couple of weeks of summer have already been fun and productive! We started off our vacation by celebrating the anniversary of our first date and seeing the solar eclipse. After that we fixed our dinning chair and Jonathan's bike.

We didn't notice that our chair was broken until after we got it, but it wasn't enough to bother Jonathan until the night of my birthday party. After everyone left, Jonathan took off the broken piece and laid down the chair. And it was laying there for almost a month before anything else happened (yeah, I wasn't too thrilled about that). Finally, Jonathan realized that something needed to be done with the chair. So, we started the project, but ran out of time before Jonathan needed to head off to school. All we had was the new piece of wood cut out, but no holes in it. After that, we decided to just wait until the semester was over before we tried to finish that project again. Jonathan got right to work on it and figured out where the holes needed to be and then drilled them! (Thank you Adam for having a drill press!) I loved watching Jonathan sawing and drilling. I hope we have more projects like this during the summer.

 Fixing Jonathan's bike proved to be more tricky. His bike had the unfortunate habit of losing one of it's peddles. That made it hard for Jonathan to get anywhere. Jonathan developed a plan to get it to work, though he needed a tool to make it work. Luckily, as we were walking around Lowe's, Jonathan saw a bunch of Dremels. They were on sale and just so happened to be perfect for this project! Jonathan was so excited to get one.

He quickly got to work and figured out the perfect way to keep to peddle on thanks to a suggestion from Dad.

After fixing it up, we rode all the way home. (Over 7 miles!) It worked beautifully!

This is just the first of many bike rides and projects for this summer!

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