Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Cause For Celebration!

Jonathan and I are done with another semester! To celebrate we decided to get prime spots for the solar eclipse in Durham, just outside of Chico. The last solar eclipse that we saw happened in 1992 and I didn't really care that it was happening. Thankfully, this time I was so much older and knew what was happening!

On our way to see the eclipse!
Our first look at what was happening.
I figured that we had some time before the eclipse totally happened, so I did some exploring around where we parked. It was just some fields with overgrown oak trees and clusters of California poppies. I ended up taking a ton of pictures. Here are just a few.

 With the picture on the right, I used our binoculars as a zoom lens.

Once it started getting closer to 6, we started checking the eclipse a lot more frequently.

This was right before the full eclipse!!!
I took a couple of videos of the moon completely blocking the sun, but I'm not entirely sure how to post them. Oh, well! Before we left, we noticed that the light coming through the trees was also crescent shaped.

This was such a neat experience to see an eclipse! We already are making plans for the next one that passes over the United States in 2017. (Yeah, we're nerds and we know it!) I'm so grateful to have a husband that likes the same things that I do!

On our way back home, we found Fred from the movie Cars. Apparently he's been in Northern California this whole time!

Fred's the rusty car on the right.
This was the first of our many adventures this summer!

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