Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photo Wall!

I blogged about this project in early March and now it is finally come together! I got a pack of 6 large frames at Target and bought a few more little ones and then I was ready!

My mom helped me figure out the layout for the wall.

It was so exciting to see the wall fill up with pictures!

There was a small problem with the light switch being in the way (yeah, that was my fault), but luckily my mom helped me figure out a different lay out.

Disaster averted!

I added a few more little pictures of our nieces and nephews.

Almost done!

All of the frames are now up and it looks so good!

The quote on the wall says "The most important things in life are not things." That quote was really the inspiration for this project. I wanted to have a visual reminder of what life is all about. I have a picture of Jesus Christ in the center because when life is centered on him, everything else falls into place. I am grateful for that knowledge and hope that this will help me remember that.

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