Thursday, May 3, 2012

Old Memories and a DIY Project with My Mom

Lately, my mom has been trying to organize her house and she has found some great things!

This was one of my dad's favorite desserts his mom would make.

This was my joy school group when I was three.

Some of the old toys we used to play with growing up.

My old pog slammer (I think Chris got it for me) and an Oprah book Amy got at a book fair.

I look so comfortable on Santa's lap don't I!
My sister and her little family have moved into my parent's house. Garrett is lucky enough to be in a pink bedroom that all 4 of us kids ended up sleeping in at one point. (Andy and I even shared it, he was 21 and I was 11, that was special!) Anyways, we still had the original fan in that room and it was AWFUL! Poor Garrett would get so sweaty during his naps. My mom and Amy picked out a new fan and my mom and I installed it. This was the second fan we installed and it went so much faster. We did have a few problems with getting in the remote receiver, but that happened last time too. After really reading how to get the remote control to work, we had a working fan! I love projects like these!

Yeah, I just started using Instagram. I like it a lot!

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