Monday, April 30, 2012

The Perfect Haircut!

I love having short, short hair. Jonathan is found of my long hair. I decided to grow out my hair for Jonathan. I really have enjoyed it, but as the weather changed I too was ready for change.

Last Wednesday, I decided to cut my hair. I asked the amazingly talented Christina, my sister, to see when she could cut my hair. I was shocked to find out that she would be able to do it the next day. I showed her the inspiration picture, and I'm not sure who was more excited out of the two of us. (She doesn't get the opportunity to cut that much hair at one time.) I almost couldn't sleep I was so excited!

I decided that I would surprise Jonathan and not tell him that I was chopping off my hair. That made the change even more exciting for me. (Jonathan and I are rather predictable, so I don't mind giving him a few surprises!)

The scissors came out and the hair fell quickly! It felt so good feeling all that hair go. I love love love having short hair again! Christina did such a good job!

Jonathan at first acted like nothing was different, and then realized that my hair was short. He wasn't that surprised by it because I had short hair when we first met. Jonathan does love it though and that's all I wanted.

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