Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Once Lost and Now Found

Well, Jonathan and I started our spring break with some excitement. On Saturday (after the morning session of General Conference), I got a saying that someone tried to write a personal check to get a tattoo with my account. I quickly got ready and out the door to see my car was not where I had parked it. At first, I was really panicky, but was able to calm down and call Jonathan and then the police. Within a half hour a police officer came over and got all of my information and told me it would probably take a week to get my car back. It may or may not be able to run depending on how good the person was at hot wiring my car.

Throughout the entire rest of the day, I was stuck at home, but I was fine and calm about what was going on. I was never scared or angry; I mostly hoped that my car would come back to me in running condition. Jonathan was not happy about my car being stolen and was thinking he would need to come home to help me with the police write up and make sure I was okay. Thankfully, work got really busy with customers, so he was distracted from what was going on.

On Sunday (after the morning session of General Conference), I got a call from the CHP. My car had been found in Carmichael and there was an officer there waiting for us to come pick up our car. We quickly ran out the door and I called my mom to let her know the car was found and it turns out it was left in her Grandma and Grandpa Fisher's neighborhood. Weird!!! Well, my car was completely out of gas, the battery was dead, they apparently tried (and failed) to take my windshield (random), they tried (and again failed) to take my stereo, and they stole my spare tire and two hubcaps (I didn't even have nice ones). Let's not forget what they left: their toothbrush (disgusting!) and the scent of pot. I was very sad to see that they didn't steal my Book of Mormon, they could really use it. So, the weirdest part of all this is my car seems to run better than it did before it was stolen. Thanks whoever did this because it's almost like driving a different car.  

I was so very grateful that things turned out the way they did. I have my car again and I was able to stay calm while it was gone. My mom and I both feel like I was able to stay calm was because I was focusing on things that are infinitely more important. I was actively watching and applying the lessons that were being taught during General Conference. I was hoping things would turn out well with my car, but I knew I couldn't do anything about it. There is a peace that comes when we choose to focus on things that are lasting whether it's turning off the TV to spend quality time with your family, working on eliminating a bad habit, or choosing to study uplifting things. We are blessed when we try to use our time more wisely.

A few days before my car was stolen, Jonathan did this for me.

I was mostly upset that this note and another note Jonathan wrote me was stolen when I realized my car was gone.

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  1. How terrible!! You handled an extremely stressful situation tremendously well! Honestly, there is no way I would have been as calm as you. So happy everything turned out ok. Oh and I'm sure your husband will write you lots of new sweet notes!


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