Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekend Plans

Come listen to living prophetsI am so excited for this weekend! The entire world has the opportunity to listen to living prophets speak to us. When I was little, I mostly liked it because I got to stay in pajamas and watch church on TV. Now that I'm older, I love hearing the various messages and seeing how they apply to me and my family. (Though, I still watch in my pajamas.) Most of the men and women that speak are significantly older than I am and because of that, they have so much more to share. They have seen so many fads and trends that they can look past that and share what is lasting and most important to the younger generation. I love their wisdom and that they are willing to share it with the whole world. They are men and women of God and they share what we need to hear, not necessarily what we want to hear.

A talk that had a big impact on me was given in April 2009 by Elder David Bednar. The title of it is "Honorably Hold a Name and Standing". The talk focuses in on the importance of the temple and the covenants that are made there. Now I didn't remember hearing this talk when it was given, but a little over a year later I was asked to give a lesson on the temple. At first I felt overwhelmed because I had not yet gone through the temple, so I didn't feel like I could teach about it. Thankfully, those feelings of doubt didn't hold me down. As I was preparing, I found this talk and it opened my understanding of the temple. The temple is more than a beautiful building that is dedicated to God. In the temple, worthy men and women make covenants with the Lord and because they are willing to do so, they are blessed with immeasurable strength. I still remember the feeling as I taught this. I knew that the words I was sharing were true. It penetrated my very soul. The Lord blesses His children with power to resist the adversary as they stay true to the covenants they make. After that lesson, I wanted to drive straight to the temple and knock on the temple President's door and ask him if he would open the temple so I could make those covenants. I knew that I would have wait, but thanks to Jonathan I only had to wait a few months.

The talks that are shared are filled with the spirit of God. These are things that the world needs to hear at this particular time. I am so grateful that we live in a time that there are living prophets on the earth to give us counsel and direction. I hope that you take some time and listen to the words of these men and women. They speak the truth and can't help but share it with the entire world.

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