Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Brother, the Ultimate Loser!

Before you start accusing me of being rude, my brother Chris was part of an Ultimate Loser Challenge through his gym. It's somewhat similar to the Biggest Loser tv show, but no one gets kicked off and it is more than just losing weight quickly. They focus on eating smarter, not  just dieting. It's a change to a healthy lifestyle both by eating better and working out.

Well, thanks to working hard and the support of his wife, Chris lost 42 pounds in 10 weeks. Let's not forget that his daughter was born during the second week of this challenge. Yeah, Annie's amazing! I am so proud of him! Yesterday, Chris was interviewed on the radio about the challenge and how it's effected him. Thanks to the internet, my mom and I were able to listen. Chris had his doubts at first, but he pushed through them and now he looks healthy and sounds so happy. Happy Birthday Chris!!!

Doesn't he look great!
 I also had to share two sweet pictures of his kids, Seth and Clara!

Seth was holding Clara's hand and then Clara reached up and touched Seth.

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