Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stake Activity Day

My mom has a leadership position with our church. She is part of the Stake Primary presidency. She helps train the leaders over the children from the ages of 18 months to 12 years old in Roseville. She helps out with Cub Scouts for the boys from 8-11 and Activity Days for the girls 8-11. Once a year, the Stake Primary presidency has a special activity for all of the girls. One of the main goals is for the girls to realize that they are loved so much and are all special.

I have been lucky enough to help with the last three and I have to say that they get better and better every year. This year the theme was "Choosing The Right To Your Happily Ever After". It was so amazing to see all the hard work that went into the activity and then the girls reaction. The night before Jonathan and I went to help set up the Cultural Hall for the activity. There were a few people at the church building and they thought we were setting up for a wedding reception. (Yeah, it looked that good!) After hours and hours of planning and setting up, the girls started arriving. The older girls knew the drill and the younger girls followed along: sign in, make a name tag, and head into the Cultural Hall for the activity to start.

I was out by the sign in table, but I could hear some of their reactions to the beautiful room decorated just for them. They were sent off to their 4 classes prepared just for them: a Family Home Evening lesson that they could teach their families, PJS (prayer, journal, and scripture study), friendship bracelets, and a class on their own potential.

The extra refreshments for the adult leaders.
A few months before the activity, the girls made quilt squares about something they wanted to improve or something to focus on. It was so sweet seeing all the different quilt squares. The quilt was finished the night before the activity so the girls could see all of their hard work. The quilt was a special gift for the Stake President, President Olsen. He is in charge of all the congregations in Roseville. Yeah, that keeps him really busy!

President Olsen with all 111 girls and the quilt they made for him.
The tables with a cupcake stand and tiara for every girl.
Before the girls could wear their tiaras, they needed to learn what it truly means to be a princess. It is more than to wear pretty clothes and marry a prince. You are a daughter of a king, we are all children of a heavenly king. What's even better is that they have the potential to become queens, by making a lifetime of righteous decisions. It is a wonderful promise. Now, not all of the girls there were girly girls that love pink and already think they are princesses (I would have fallen into that category when I was their age). Even though they didn't care about those things, they understood that they are princesses to their Heavenly Father. It was such a wonderful sight! The activity was a success!

During the activity, I got to hold the Primary President's baby boy Kody. I was in heaven! He was such a good sport during the activity and didn't get fussy until most of it was cleaned up.

My new buddy Kody.
I can't wait to see what the plans are for next year!

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