Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just Wait...

Anyone who follows me on pinterest knows that I can't wait to start having a family. It's hard not to especially when I know at least 16 people who are either pregnant or had a baby this year (with 4 babies born during the last week of March alone). Though there are moments when I worry whether or not I am ready to be a mom, but then I just get excited all over again.

I want to have the joy that my siblings have with their children. It's amazing to watch my nieces and nephews grow and mature and make good choices. I love going to baseball, basketball, and soccer games and see them succeed. I love watching Garrett and Seth be protective of baby Lyla. I can't wait to share this amazing world with my children. It's not all fun and games being a parent, but there are deffinate perks.

I can't remember when I first saw this, but I wanted to share this story.

As I wait at Target, a young couple pushes a stroller in the line behind me. The stroller, brand new, appears to be on its maiden voyage. I  peer at the tiny sleeping newborn, his fingers curled up near his ruddy face.
“You guys do good work!” I comment. The parents beam with pride, but the weariness in their eyes lets me know that they are all still in the process of getting to know each other. The lady behind the couple glances at the stroller as well, and asks. “Is this your first?” They nod proudly.  ”Just wait…” she snorts, and then follows with a comment about unruly teenagers.
Inwardly, I wince. We seem to live in a country overrun by a great lot of negative naysayers when it comes to parenting. I remember hearing comments like that when I was a new (and overwhelmed!) mom.  It seemed that many parents were suffering from a chronic case of disappointment and dissatisfaction called ”Just-Wait-itis,” characterized by the inflammation of impending doom in parenthood….I felt trapped in a swirl of know-it-alls who were warning me that the worst was yet to come.
Of course, now that my kids are teenagers, I know the truth. Parenting is complicated; it’s wonderful and challenging. Exhausting and gut wrenching. Heart warming and heart breaking.
And, at the outset, parenting can be utterly daunting. It just doesn’t help when others douse young parents with stories leading to doubt and despair.
Instead, we seasoned moms could infuse joy into our “just waits…” As I regard this weary pair, I think of so many things I could say…
Just wait until your preschool son sees you in the hallway at pick up time and covertly grins and waves to you. (It’s the best flirting in the world.)
Just wait until you watch your kindergartener jump off the bus after that first day, triumphant and tired, melting into your arms.
Just wait until your son is up to bat, and strikes out, holding it together despite disappointment. And just wait until the crack of the bat meeting the ball surprises him and he races to first base…safe.
Just wait until your daughter stands up for a classmate who is struggling, and her peers, humbled, apologize.
Just wait until your child, painfully tethered to tubes and machines in the hospital, whispers, “I just want my mommy.” (and you are suddenly aware that your presence is more powerful than any prescription.)
Just wait until your son gets his very first summer job and he is, unmistakably, walking taller and more confidently as a result.
Just wait until your child’s quick sense of humor makes you double over with laughter.
Just wait until you hear your son invite a friend to church.
Just wait until your daughter receives her first college acceptance and you find yourself overcome with tears…not because she’s leaving, but because she’s ready.
The baby in the stroller whimpers, breaking my reverie.
I smile at the couple and look them straight in the eye.
“You have so much joy ahead of you…” I remark…
“Just wait.”

Katie Wetherbee
Let it be known, I'm not making an announcement, but I can't wait for all the joy that will come to us as we have a family of our own. This is a joy that has no end. My parents starting having joy from their children way back in 1980 and there were lots of hard days and we heard a lot of "I didn't have all of you kids so you would have someone to fight with". Then as time past, we slowly grew up and had a lot less fighting and a lot more joy. My parents worked very hard for us kids and  now there isn't a day they don't have joy from the men and women that we grew up to be. Plus we've been giving them grandchildren to find more joy in. Our family has changed so much in the past 32 years and yet we still have so much more joy ahead of us.

Just wait...


  1. I love this, BJ! Thank you for posting. I, too, feel how hard it is to wait until it is the right time, but I love the reminder that there are great things to come. When it's the right time, you will be a terrific mommy!

  2. Oh my goodness I have been looking everywhere for that "Just wait" post-I read it awhile ago and it's such an inspiration.
    And as for 'waiting'-you and Mr. Nelson are close to the Lord and in tune with the Spirit enough that when it IS time, you'll totally know ;)


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