Saturday, April 28, 2012


I had a plan for yesterday: run some errands, print out some pictures, have lunch with a friend, grill chicken for our dinner with the missionaries. Things quickly changed when Jonathan called in sick to work. He still made me go to lunch with my friend (I'm really glad that he did that). I also went to a store so we would have dessert for the missionaries. Then I came home feeling really tired (and paranoid that I'm getting sick too). After laying down, I focused on cleaning up our little apartment. I realized that I really didn't feel like defrosting chicken, so the menu quickly change and that was that. While I was vacuuming, I remembered that our lease was up at the end of the month. Jonathan ran down to the office to get our new contract and brought it to me to sign. (Thank goodness we remember important things while doing mundane tasks!) The dinner that we made was so much easier and still delicious.

After the missionaries left, we had our typical Friday night. Nothing special, just Jonathan sitting at the computer doing some C programming homework. It usually takes most of the night (and sometimes some of the morning too), but he finished up early. We got to play a game of Phase 10 and then called it a night.

I am so excited for Jonathan to be all done with school. Then we can have real date nights and more time together. Even with those feelings, I love the simplicity of our life. We can make a plan for the day and easily change it. We can be sick and have a lazy day. I am very grateful for this time that we have because it won't last forever.

PS Here's a new blog I found.

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