Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend!

We had a wonderful, family filled Mother's Day weekend. It started on Saturday with a Patterson family barbecue. Most of the family was there and it was great! There was tons of noise with the cousins playing and even more cuddling with baby Lyla.

My mom always has music playing at her house and she made a special playlist for the kids with music from some of their favorite movies. One of the songs is Boogie Fever (from Despicable Me) and Ryan was sure that they were singing Booty Fever instead! He and Tyler started shacking their booties all around the kitchen. They are a silly pair of boys!

This is all that was left of our dinner.

Ryan was dying to play baseball, but it was way too hot to play during the afternoon so he made flyers so no one could forget to play after the sun was off of the street. I still want to know what the "other stuf" is...

After dinner, these three goofballs were going crazy! Tyler was riding on the tricycle while Kyle and Garrett chased him. Yes, there was lots of happy screaming by all three boys. And yes, I think we all lost some of our hearing from their shrill screams. (They may be boys, but they scream like girls!)

Lyla just hanging out during the game.
For my mom's gift, we all chipped in and bought her a brand new, iPad! Before she opened it, Andy and I set it up and got her some apps and put some family pictures on it. She was so surprised! 

Here are some of the pictures from the iPad.

Ryan sang us a song he learned at school. It should sound familiar...

After going to church on Sunday, we went to my parent's house and had a quiet lunch before visiting Grandma Machen. While we were there, we ran into my mom's sister, Andrea! Our quick visit turned into an hour long chat with her. It was so fun catching up with her and seeing Grandma. (Of course, I don't have any pictures of our visit.)

We then headed over to the Nelson's with flowers for Mom. We Skyped with Hannah for a little bit and then had a wonderful lesson given by Mom. The Nelson men made chocolate covered strawberries and raspberries for all of the girls. They were delicious!

It was such a fun weekend with our family! I love both of our wonderful mothers and our amazing sisters that are mothers. One day, I'll join their club!

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