Tuesday, May 8, 2012

100 Posts!

I can't believe that this is our 100th post! It doesn't seem like this is really true.

See, it's true!

I didn't realize the impact this blog would have on me.

I honestly thought that I would just be sharing our newly wed life
and that would be it.
I was wrong. This has been an outlet for me to express myself in ways I didn't realize I needed to.
These feelings really came to my attention in November when I shared something I was grateful for everyday.
It helped me realize that there really is so much to be grateful for,
especially simple things.
This blog is a wonderful way to record and share those feelings.
I love that I can share the things that have meaning in my life:

my wonderful family,

the church I am part of,


   the various projects I do, 

and of course, my darling husband.

 I share the things that bring me joy because the
world tends to be a negative place
and I am influenced by the attitudes around me. I want to surround myself with positive and happy things.
Since I want to surround myself with those things, then why not share it with those around me?

I can't wait to see where the next 100 posts take me.

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