Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Kids

I absolutely love my nieces and nephews. They are all so unique, sweet, and funny. We've been spending quite a bit of time with them lately and I wanted to share a few stories and pictures.

Ryan is eight and a half (it still amazes me that he can be that old!) and loves playing games. On Memorial Day we played Rummikub together and it was so much fun! It's great that he's now old enough to play games that aren't just Candyland!

Tyler is a tank! He plays hard and sometimes gets hurt in the process. He loves speeding around on the scooter and sometimes crashes because of it, but he is a good sport and makes it back to the house on his own.
Tyler came flying down the stairs and suddenly started to tumble down. As soon as Amy scooped him up off of the stairs, he said "I didn't even scream!" He is so tough!

Kyle loves doing what his big brothers are doing, unless of course it means getting wet. He is our cat. During our big water war, Kyle was sprayed a few times and he cried. Other than that, he had a great time. He will be an amazing soccer player. That kid can kick the ball and then chase it down so well!

Garrett loves having his cousins around. He loves being in the middle of all of the action. When Ryan and Tyler were riding around on bikes and scooters, Garrett was chasing them down on his little tricycle. He doesn't push the peddles though, he instead pushes his feet off of the ground. It is one of the funniest things to watch!

Lyla is a sweet and chubby little girl. Everyone wants to hold her and she humors us so well. She is usually the quiet one watching all the madness going on around her. She is starting to get a little more chatty and smiley. We just love our Lyla girl! 

Mercedes is such a funny little girl. She refuses to wear pants and will only wear skirts or dresses. She is slowly starting to like Jonathan. Mercedes no longer screams when he comes near or sneaks out of a room when she realizes he's there. (Trust me, it's a big deal!)  She is growing up so much I just can't believe it!

Well, I can't give much of an update on Seth and Clara, but in 10 short days we will be in Idaho playing with them! We are both so excited to see them and their parents. I can tell you that Seth is one of the sweetest older brothers a girl could ever want. We have quite a few pictures of him holding Clara's hand. Clara is growing quickly like her older brother. It will be so wonderful to finally see them!

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