Monday, September 1, 2014

Tuesday Afternoon

Since I'm currently in California with my family, I figure that I should share some of the fun Jonathan and I had with Seth and Clara last month! (By the way, is it seriously September already?!) During Jonathan's brief brake in between semesters, Annie's mom decided to have a girl's trip in Salt Lake which included seeing Wicked. We were lucky enough to spend a few hours with Seth and Clara!

Since we weren't needed until the evening, we decided to head up a few hours early to Salt Lake to wander around. As soon as we left our apartment though, the amazing clouds beckoned us to Provo first.

We finally made our way up to Salt Lake. We explored the City Creek shopping center and then we found ourselves in Temple Square.  As we were wandering, I realized that we had never actually gone and seen the Christus statue. We quickly entered the visitor's center and as we were walking into the room, the spirit was palpable.

We then took to the streets of Salt Lake as we made our way down to the Gateway Mall to meet up with the kids. There are so many unique, old buildings still in Salt Lake.

We had dessert with Annie, her mom, sister-in-law, and the kids and then the girls headed off to get ready for the show! The kids took us to the splash pad that they had played at earlier. At first they would just run around it, but slowly each would get more brave and run through it. Seth got sprayed right in the face at one point, but he was tough. Clara was not very happy when she got hit by the water, but it was okay.

As we wandered around, we stumbled across the old Union Pacific Depot. The kids loved running all around and jumping to make loud echos. Seth every so often would get a serious look on his face and say that the building must be old. He was right, it's over 100 years old and it still looks great!

The most exciting discovery though was finding a rainbow!
Here's a better picture of the room from their website.

We did some more exploring around and unfortunately found out that the planetarium was closed. Instead we wandered around a sports store. Clara wanted the pink golf club, the pink tennis racket, the pink soccer ball, basically anything pink. 

Seth was disappointed that there wasn't a blue club for him.
All in all, we had a great time with these two. It is so great to live so much closer to them!

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