Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Roosevelt, UT

If you had asked me this spring where Roosevelt, Utah is, I would have had absolutely no clue. That's where Hannah is currently living. A big change from Vegas, but a good change. Now she's only 2 hours away and the drive is gorgeous! Driving north through the canyon and then heading east.

Fall is on it's way.
We met up with her at her home away from home, the school she works at. Growing up in California, I'm still not used to schools that consist of one large building where all the classrooms and hallways are indoors. Jonathan was able to help with some of her audio/visual problems. That's one of the reasons why he's a keeper. After we finished up at the school, we headed off to Vernal to go to the temple.

It is such a sweet little temple. 

There is an interesting story that goes along with this stain glass window. It originally comes from a church building in California that was purchased by my church. It didn't fit in with how our normal meeting houses are styled, so it went in to the church's storage. When they were working on changing this tabernacle into a temple, someone remembered this gorgeous window and suggested that they see if it would fit. The shape of it was perfect and so they just added around the edges of it so it would fit.

Our trip was really brief, but it did include going to church with Hannah at a singles ward. I forgot how reverent church was when there aren't dozens and dozens of babies and toddlers!

It was so great to visit Hannah and see just how different life is in Roosevelt especially compared to when we visited her in Vegas. I'm also grateful that we were able to visit before the winter storms come because I'm just not confident our cute little car would be able to handle going through that much snow!

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