Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Finding Home

The hardest part about going back to California was having to leave Jonathan. This was the farthest we've been apart since June of 2010. I really didn't like that at all. It was really weird being back in Roseville for the first time in almost 8 months.

Too much distance!

Jonathan was worried that I would get homesick and never want to leave again. I realized though that Roseville isn't my home any more. I still like it, but I feel like it isn't where we need to be. Some people thought that must mean Utah feels like home. That's not the case either though. I am enjoying our time here in Utah, but it doesn't feel like home. When I first realized this, I felt a little lost not having a home. It took a little too long for me to realize it, but Jonathan is where home is. For now, that is more than good enough for me. In the coming years, we will find the location that feels like home. Until then, I am more than happy to have him be my home.

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