Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I headed back to California over Labor Day weekend for my grandma's funeral. This trip was very different from what I thought my first trip back to California would be like. However it, was still great and, most importantly, filled with a lot of family time. Chris and I flew out together and made it to California so much faster than if we had driven!

On our first flight, we had internet so of course I watched some US Open!

The farms are look pretty good considering the drought situation.
We headed over to Andy and Amy's house for dinner. There was an outrageous amount of good food! We were also celebrating my dad's birthday (a day late) all together.

The kids were ready to pounce for the cake!
After Andy's, my mom and I headed over to Amy and Mike's so Garrett could show off his archery skills. When we first got there, both Garrett and Charlotte were in the bathtub. Garrett was being a bit of a punk to Charlotte, so I kept telling him to stop it and he just laughed at me. Charlotte could not figure out what was going on at all. She wasn't too sure about both Chris and me during this trip. As soon as Garrett got some clothes on, he pulled out his bow and arrow. There's a  suction cup at the end of the arrows and he shoots at the sliding glass. It was impressive seeing his skills of hitting the door and not Charlotte!

Charlotte the Super Girl and Garrett Hood
Then we drove to Target and I could not figure out how to get there at all. I even started to get a headache from trying to remember how to get there. Apparently, I'm acclimating to Utah more than I realized!

On Sunday and Monday, we just spent a lot of time together as a family. I was able to pop in to the Nelson's and see all of the changes that have been happening around the house. On Monday, we spent most of the day with my mom's sister's family. It was so wonderful to spend so much time with family. That was one of grandma's most prized possessions and it was wonderful that we could all be together talking and laughing.

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