Thursday, March 20, 2014

Vegas Baby!

We finally made it down to Las Vegas to visit Hannah! We started planning a trip in August, but things got crazy until now. It worked out perfectly because she needed to come up to Utah for a job fair, so Jonathan and I went down and played and then brought Hannah back with us.

This was Jonathan's first time in Vegas and my second time. My first trip was a whirlwind trip with Sac State Marching Band. We didn't get into the city until like 3 am and had to check out of our hotel by 9. I literally only laid down for 6 hours in a 52 hour period of time. It was crazy!

My first Vegas experience.
The first thing we did in Vegas was meet up with Jonathan's trainer from his mission. This was the first time they had seen each other for about 10 years. It was great to see them catch up on all that has happened and remembering some great mission stories.

Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to find more things to do in Vegas than just hang out on the strip. First thing we did was head over to Hoover Dam. It was amazing and overwhelming how big it really is.

This is the spillway on the Arizona side.
I love how you can see how high the water level can be.

Jonathan's in Nevada and I'm in Arizona. After this picture Jonathan said he didn't like long distance relationships and jumped back on to the Arizona side of the dam.
After being at the dam, we headed back into the city so Jonathan could visit Fry's. There aren't any in Utah and he has seriously been missing it. Then we visited Hannah's classroom. It is so cool that she is a real teacher! Jonathan was able to better align her projector. She showed us her favorite spot to watch sunsets on campus. It was so gorgeous!

Then we headed down to the strip for dinner and to see some of Hannah's favorite spots. She took us to a secret pizza place inside the Cosmopolitan for dinner. There's no signs for it, so we had to search for it for a little bit but it was worth it! After dinner, we watched the fountains at the Bellagio. They are magical at night. We walked around Caesar's Palace and then headed back home because Hannah had work the next day.

The three of us taking on Vegas!

I pretended to be Buddy the Elf moment with the moving sidewalk.
On our final day in Vegas, we went to Red Rock Canyon. The scenery was stunning! We drove through the loop to get an idea of what the park would actually be like. We thought that it was a closed loop, well we were wrong. We were back out on the highway and a little upset that we didn't get the receipt to show that we had already payed to get into the park. We were prepared to pay the $7 fee again because it would be worth going through the park to take pictures. We pulled up to the same gate that we had initially paid at and explained our situation. The man was nice enough to let us go without paying the fee twice. We stopped off in the visitors center to get a better idea of the park and then we took a lot of pictures.

We each took turns wearing bunny ears.

Thanks to the visitors center, we learned that various people that lived in the area and left drawings in the stones. We were able to see a grouping of hand prints.

There are 4 hand prints in this picture.
Sorry Ty! That rock was too big to bring home.
It was interesting to see the layers of stone.
This looks more like a martian landscape.
I love how it looks like these rocks were painted.

I am so grateful that Jonathan and I were able to visit Hannah before she leaves Vegas. After finding all of these cool places to visit in Las Vegas, I can't wait to spend more time exploring the natural wonders in Utah!

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