Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Last week we celebrated our third anniversary. It's wild to think that we've been married for 3 whole years now. To celebrate, we made plans to go up to Salt Lake for dinner and then do a session in the temple. Things didn't quite turn out that way.

This was our view during dinner.

We were caught in some traffic and were a little late to our dinner in the Joseph Smith Memorial building. That made us miss the last session of the day at the temple. Instead we sat outside (it was only kind of cold weird for Utah in February) and talked.

We agreed that this past year has been the hardest one of our marriage, but it brought us closer together than we were before it. Looking back, if everything had gone perfectly according to our plans, we would have missed out on so many opportunities and chances to see what we could do together. I am so grateful that I have such an amazing husband at my side who is always there for me when life gets to be too much for me to handle. He loves me unconditionally and is such an amazing example to me. I am so blessed to have him and am so grateful that I get to keep him for eternity because we were sealed in the temple 3 years ago.

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