Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mount Timpanogos Temple

Jonathan and I are having so much fun visiting and taking pictures of all of the temples in the area. It's crazy how many are so close to us. Last month we took pictures of the Mount Timpanogos temple.

The first time we actually went inside was a super rainy night and we had to park really far away. We literally ran from the car and we still were soaking wet by the time we made it inside.

This temple felt really similar to the Sacramento temple. I really love the color and texture in these stain-glass windows.

I'm slowly getting used to how big the temples are out here. There are lots of stair cases and hallways, so I'm never really sure where I am. Thankfully there are people all around to help guide me or I would never get out! Anyways, even though each temple is different, the important things are the same.

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