Monday, November 4, 2013

Two for One

Even with an extra hour yesterday, I didn't find enough time to post.
Today I'll share 2 to make up for it.

Yesterday I was grateful that I had an extra hour. I taught the teenage girls at church and was so grateful for the extra hour I had to prepare for it. I finished figuring out the structure of the lesson and noticed I still had more than enough time to make handouts. So, I took my time and then saw a clock that said 9:45 and nearly had a heart attack because I had to be at church by 10. I started running all over the house trying to get ready and then I realized that I looked at a clock that hadn't been changed. My morning was so much more relaxing after that. This is the lesson I taught.

Today I am grateful for a new week. Last week got really crazy and overwhelming. This week will probably end up the same, but it just feels like I am more prepared to handle the craziness.

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