Thursday, November 14, 2013

Simply The Best

I can't fully express my gratitude for my sweet Jonathan. I thought I loved him when we were dating. I thought I loved him when we were sealed for time and all eternity. I thought I loved him when he took care of me each time I got sick. I love him so much more now than I did in those times.

This fall has been more than I could handle alone. On August 11th, we found out we were pregnant. I still vividly remember the change on Jonathan's face from sleepy to pure joy. On September 9th, I had a miscarriage. During the month of October, our plans for finishing school fell apart.

Jonathan has been my strength when I've been weak. I can't imagine a man showing as much patience and compassion as he's showed me during this fall. We are slowly figuring out our next step. I am so grateful to be married to such an optimistic and hopeful man. He has made this fall so much better.


  1. Oh BJ... I'm so sorry! I'm happy you and Jonathon have each other. Sending lots of love and prayers.


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