Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Truth and the Holy Ghost

I am grateful that the Holy Ghost testifies of truth. Back in April, Jonathan and I went to UC Davis to go to some Physics lectures. I couldn't contain my excitement that I'm married to a guy that will take time off from work to go to Physics lectures with me! I don't plan on sharing the details of what was being taught because most people would get bored. I do want to share an experience there that strengthened my testimony of how the Holy Ghost works.

The first speaker was giving kind of an overview on where Physics is currently and some of the next set of questions that they are looking to understand. As he was speaking, it felt like the spirit was in the room. This was later confirmed during the question and answer portion when a man compared a scientific discovery to Mary, the mother of Christ, and would scientists cling to that discovery even if it was proven wrong in the same way the Vatican clings to Mary and how that one thing makes or breaks all of their religion. The emotion behind his question was hostile and demeaning. Both Jonathan and I could feel the spirit leave the room. Since we felt the spirit leave, that meant that it was in that room. The things that were being shared previously are truths.

It seems like most people today can't reconcile religion and science. The thought seems to prevail in the scientific community is that because we can't prove that there is a God that there must not be one. Has anyone ever disproved that there is a God? I find it ironic that one of the biggest theories in Physics is String Theory. The major problem string theory has it that it there are no testable predictions which means they trust that it is there without seeing it or proving it. That sounds like faith to me.

I am grateful that as I learn more about science that I feel closer to our Heavenly Father. I am getting a glimpse of how He uses physical laws to give us the world we live in. Heavenly Father isn't just some cosmic being that snaps His fingers and suddenly everything works perfectly. He understands and knows the physical laws and then uses them. We have the potential to know and do all that He has done for us.

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