Saturday, February 4, 2012

On the Mend...

The end of January was very eventful for Jonathan and me. A new semester started last week and I had a job interview. At the beginning of every semester I get stressed out and this time it was even worse than usual. My body deals with stress in a few different ways, and this time it decided to make me sick to my stomach. (Not the worst one, but still not good. And for the record I am NOT pregnant.) It was so bad that Jonathan went to class for me so the teacher wouldn't drop me. (Yeah, he's a keeper!) Luckily, my mom was able to come over and help me feel slightly better and get me ready for the interview. (Not a fun thing when all you want to do is figure out some way to live without a stomach.) I did look great even though I didn't feel that way. The interview went pretty well, especially since I didn't throw up everywhere. My stomach felt basically the same way until Saturday. It was amazing to wake up and not feel sick! But that is not the end of our story. While I was feeling human again, Jonathan was not. He came down with a rather nasty head cold that would pretend to get better and then get so much worse! Thanks to lots of medicine, Jonathan only missed two days of work. Now we can get back to normal (whatever that is!)

This was all I could handle eating for the week.


  1. Being sick is so not fun! I'm glad you guys are feeling better though.

    1. Thanks! The hard part will be getting of Jonathan's cough, but eventually that will go away too.


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