Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Sweet Valentine

I have never been so excited for Valentine's Day as I have been this year. Some reasons that come to mind are I have a husband to spoil, an apartment to decorate, and my own kitchen to cook in. This year we couldn't celebrate it on the 14th because Jonathan has work then school then more work, so we planned on celebrating on Sunday the 12th with exchanging gifts and having a quiet evening at home after church and that would be it. Well, Jonathan needed to help his family, so we ended up exchanging gifts in the morning then playing dominoes while watching Monsters Inc and eating chocolates that night.

A new sign to go up in our bathroom and a Star Trek book for Jonathan.
The next evening I started making dinner and then decided to make it into the romantic Valentines dinner I intended for the night before. It was so fun! I changed out of my jeans into one of my favorite skirts and a new pair of heels. Jonathan just loved it!

Yeah, we used salad plates and salad forks. We're just that fancy!
A few days before Valentine's Day, we both decided on our own that we were each going to do something sweet for the other on Valentine's Day.(We must be made for each other!) I decorated Jonathan's car while he was at school and he bought me flowers before he came home from work.
He LOVED it!

My beautiful flowers!
I love my sweetheart so much! He is a wonderful man that works so hard for our little family. I am glad that we had this weekend to do some out of the ordinary things to show our love for each other and in less than two weeks we can do it again for our anniversary!

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