Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to an AMAZING Man!

Yesterday, we accomplished an amazing feat. All of the Nelson's were gathered together to celebrate our super amazing Dad's birthday. It was so great! We shared a wonderful meal and spent time together. There was an unexpected trip to the animal ER (oh Rosie...), but it was still a wonderful evening with lots of love and laughter.
One of our gifts to Dad.
So, today is his actual birthday and I want to share a few of the huge list of reasons why he is such an amazing man. (If I shared all of the reasons, this post would never end.)

First off, he is almost always in motion (unless he's taking a quick nap, but that's what gives him the energy to keep going). He's always working or fixing or helping do something. A few months ago Jonathan got a flat tire on his way home from work and needed some help and so he called his dad because he knew he would come to help him.

The man just never gives up! No matter what happens to him or his family, he faces it and just makes things work. Whether it's starting a new business or building a room for his son, he is determined to do all that he can do to make things work.

He also has a sweet and calming spirit. I love just being in the same room with him because things seem so much calmer and lighter with him around. Even when life is crazy, he is always calm and thoughtful. I have never seen the man even remotely flustered or uncertain of what to do. He is a quiet man, but he has a way of influencing the feelings of those that are around him.

He loves being with his family. He works so hard taking care of us and his reward is being with us. He is an adorable grandpa to Mercedes. He is so in love with that little girl. (I can't blame him!) I can't wait to see him with my kids.
He also had a sweet mustache too!
Last but certainly not least, he was instrumental in turning an adorable little boy into a hard working man like himself. Jonathan is like his father in so many ways. He doesn't complain when I ask him to do the dishes or help around the apartment. He goes to school and work even though he would rather be tinkering with the computer. He even gives up time to be on the computer to spend time with me. He is a good man because he grew up with a wonderful example of what it means to truly be a man.

I am truly grateful to have him be part of my life. I feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world because I now have two of the most amazing dads in the world and they both love me so much.

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  1. Well, BJ, you are so very sweet. Makes me feel like maybe those naps are doing some good after all. I do have a great family, easy to be all those things around, and you are an absolutely wonderful addition to it. Thank you for the kind words. Pa Nelson


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