Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh, Boy

I realize that my post center a lot around my extended family. I share their joys and accomplishments as well as some of their struggles. I do this because I love them and feel very attached to their lives.

With that said, Adam has been improving so much since he started his chemo treatments. He was awfully sick, but about halfway through his 4 treatments his blood work showed that there was no more cancer. That was music to everyone's ears! Adam finished chemo about 6 weeks ago (another very happy thing) and his wife threw a party for him because he was all done. They're apartment was PACKED! Everyone was so glad that he made it through such a hard trial. Slowly the side effects wore off and it has been amazing to watch Adam. I forgot how engaging and talkative he is. (I shouldn't have been that surprised by the talkative part he is after all his mother's son.) It is such a blessing to have Adam back. He is feeling healthy and even starting to grow hair on his head! He had energy to do things like set up a new router for his parents and take our niece Mercedes outside to find frogs. (She loves them but is also scared of them.) We all have been able to see and love this wonderful improvement.

Last week, he had a scan to see what was left after his treatments. A few days after that the doctor wanted to test his blood before fully discussing the results. Today Adam and Christina found out that he there is no sign of cancer in his blood work, but the original tumors are still there and are the same size and that he now has 3 swollen lymph nodes on the back of his stomach. The doctors don't understand why or how this is happening. It's looking like Adam and Christina still have a long road ahead of them, but the important thing is that they have each other, tons of family and friends, and lots of faith. It may take awhile, but I know that they will be able to get through this and be so much stronger because of it.

The two lovebirds.
If you want to read their blog click here. It is truly inspirational.


    love you:)

  2. I had to do something. I just love you guys so much!


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