Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Projects!!!

I love making things! It's so much fun! So, Jonathan and I have quite the library (thanks to our dads), but we didn't have enough room so we just had to go to Ikea and buy another bookcase! It fits perfectly! Now we just need more books to fill it up!


I also made a few more decorations before Valentine's Day for me and for my mom (her house was NAKED so I had to do it). I hand-stitched the xoxo banner and used the sewing machine for my mom's garland.

Also, our niece Mercedes celebrated her second birthday last Sunday and so I wanted to make her something. My mom suggested a purse and so I went on pinterest and found the perfect little girl purse. (Here's a link to the tutorial.) It took about 4 hours, but I was able to do the vast majority of this project by myself! (This is impressive especially since I have never taken sewing lessons, I just find something I want to make and do it with help from my mom usually.) Mercedes loved it! She got the dog out of the purse and then put it over her shoulder. It was so adorable!

The fabrics.
A cute little dog for a cute little purse!
Who knows what my next projects will be? I wouldn't be surprised if it included shamrocks!

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