Saturday, November 14, 2015


I am grateful that Jonathan and I have been in nursery for the past year and a half. We love having a calling together that includes snacks and toys. Oh, and a lot of funny kids to play with.

We love nursery. The kids are wonderful examples to us, until they are tired of sharing! They are at an age where they are starting to be aware of others and their feelings. They are starting to remember what they are learning in church. One of the boys that isn't two yet, loves to talk. The problem is it isn't in English. During the lesson, the other teacher held up a picture of Joseph Smith's First Vision. He walked over to point at the picture, jabbering away and as he pointed at the picture, the last word he said was God.

Children, even toddlers, know so much more than they are typically given credit for. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to learn from them.

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