Friday, November 6, 2015


I am grateful that this year we were able to celebrate all of our nieces and nephews birthdays with a special birthday message for them. It started with Garrett's birthday. I thought about holding a sign that said happy birthday. It quickly grew into something so much cooler!

 Garrett is crazy about TMNT and I knew he would love it if we were pretending to be characters. I made masks and simple weapons and we were ready!

We had so much fun with Garrett's and we knew that all of the kids would love something like that. Living in Utah, a Frozen themed picture would be so easy to do. I made a tiara and Jonathan added a little CGI. The lake was really frozen though.

We started planning out the pictures more and Jonathan got to do a lot more with special effects to make our pictures even better.

The Rapunzel picture was taken in Chris's backyard, but it really doesn't look like it thanks to Jonathan!

Charlotte loves animals and she loved seeing all of the puppies in her picture.

After Seth's birthday, we had a break until October. We decided that one year olds don't have strong interests yet and wouldn't really understand the pictures, so we didn't do one for Ruby this year. We did a double one for Ryan and Tyler since they share a birthday.

UVU has the perfect little house on campus for little red riding hood.

We are already starting to brainstorm for next year's birthday pictures!


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