Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We Are Still At It!

Jonathan and I have been diligent in taking our family to the temple this year. I truly feel my ancestors with me each time I take them to the temple.

Jonathan doesn't feel it as much as I do, so I thought that he should take some of his own ancestors to the temple. Back in January, I was poking around Jonathan's family tree and found three family members that needed their temple work done.

I am blessed to have a job that allows me to pretty much do whatever I want when I'm in between calls. Back in February, I was feeling like I was starting to run low on family to take to the temple. So for a few days, I went searching through my family tree. I was able to find almost 800 ordinances that needed to be done for my family. It was crazy!

The three couples on the bottom right corner got to go on Amy and Mike's grown up vacation to Hawaii.

At the end of March, our bishop challenged everyone in the ward to find one ancestor and take them to the temple. After we take them, their name will be added to the family tree on our ward's bulletin board. Jonathan and I looked and each other and almost laughed out loud because of all of the family members we've taken to the temple so far this year. I'm certain that we could fill the entire bulletin board with just our family.

It has been such a wonderful experience to find and take our family to the temple! Don't worry, there are still plenty more for us to take!

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