Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mother Dearest

Saturday was my wonderful mother's birthday.

She truly is the perfect Mother for me. We always had so many craft supplies on hand, that our teachers would get upset when they would see our projects that we were specifically told to only use things we already had at home. I can say that she is the reason why I have boxes filled with my very own craft supplies. You never know when you are going to need... (fill in the blank).

Now she gets to help with her grandkids school projects.
This was Ty's project for Grandparent's Day. It looks just like my dad!
She gave us the room to find our talents and was always supportive. When I was signing up for classes for eighth grade, I decided I was going to do band as my elective. I had wanted to be in band since 5th grade and I was finally going to do it. My mom wasn't so sure about, but she fully supported my decision. She was at every concert that we had at school and every competition my senior year of marching band. She was one of the favorite moms that volunteered and my friends ended up calling her Mrs. BJ's mom. 

It was a soggy Veteran's Day my junior year of high school.

This past year and half of living apart has been pretty lame, but I know that no matter how far apart we may be physically she is always there for me!


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